How do I get Paid by being an affiliate?

This article will help you understand how you can get paid by being an Affiliate.

All you have to do is recommend our services to your friends, family, website/blog visitors and you can then earn commission rates.

If someone that you have recommended to us purchases our services then they will have to insert your coded link at checkout and then you will get a commission.

Below are three amazing ways you can get paid.
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Apple Merchandise
That's right, you can receive all kinds of Apple merchandise directly from the Apple store. You can choose to have Apple kit or even vouchers that can give you a boost towards bigger and better purchases from Apple.

WebMate Credit
Wouldn't you love to know what it feels like to have free broadband or hosting by us? Well now you can as you could receive WebMate credits and this will go towards the overall cost of your invoices.

Not feeling any of the other rewards? Don't worry, you also have the option for money to be transferred into your bank account and you will then be able to spend that money on whatever you feel like!

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