Troubleshooting iWeb issues

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We need to work out where the problem lies, if the site can be published to the desktop we could see if the site appears as it should before it is uploaded to the web server. 

Detailed instructions...
Step: #1 Publish to the desktop
Open iWeb and find your publishing settings page. Where it says Publish to: Click the dropdown menu and select Local Folder then click Choose.

Now Create a folder for the site.

Select Desktop from the column on the left and click New Folder then click Choose.

Now go to the bottom of the iWeb window and press Publish entire site.

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The entire site will be published to the new folder located on your desktop.

Step: #2 Check the site
When iWeb has finished publishing, open the new folder and locate the index.html file.

Double click the index.html file and it will open in your default web browser.

If the site doesn’t open or there are layout issues, text and or images not appearing or they are in the wrong place you will have to trouble
shoot the application itself.

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A lot of problems can be solved by re-starting the iWeb application.
Step: #3 Fixing the issue
There are a few things that you can try to fix problems with iWeb.
  • Re-start the application – This can fix a lot of issues with a lot of apps.
  • Re-start the Mac – A restart will dump the redundant files from iWeb.
  • Delete the iWeb preference file – The path is – Home Folder/Library/Preferences/
  • Run Disk Utility to repair permissions – Finder/Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility.
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Disk Utility should be run at least every week to keep your computers files in order.

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If you do Delete the iWeb preference file ( you will need to reset your preferences via iWeb/Preferences.

Step: #4 Other issues after publishing from iWeb.
I have published changes to my website, but they don’t show up in the browser.

The chances are that your web browser is viewing the site as it appeared before you made changes to it, the site is stored in the browsers memory or Cache from the last visit.

If this happens you can empty your browser cache, normally via its preferences, you’ll then see the updated version of the site.
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