Publish a second iWeb site to WebMate (multi-site)

Quick Overview...

If you are using an early version of iWeb the option to use FTP will not be available.

You will need to publish your website using the local folder setting on iWeb and then either publish to your Mac and copy over to the /websites/ folder or your WebMate or publish directly to WebMate via iWeb (shown as a shared volume).

You can use this method with all versions of iWeb.

Detailed instructions...
Step: #1 Publish to a Local Folder
Open iWeb and find your publishing settings page for your second site.

Where it says Publish to: Click the drop-down menu and select Local Folder then click Choose.

You will then need to select your WebMate Disk from the Shared Folders list in the left-hand column.

Step: #2 Select the Web Folder
On your WebMate, open your Web folder then select your new site folder (the folder should have the same name as the domain name) Ensure you DO NOT select Open, just select it then click Choose.

Now you can click Publish Site.

Go to File and click Save so iWeb can remember the settings for when you next publish any changes.
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