Setting up calendars with BusyCal

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In BusyCal, from the Preferences window, select Accounts and add a new CalDav and enter your email address as a username and the server address as
Detailed Instructions...
Step: #1 - Setup a WebMate Calendar
First of all you will need to set up your WebMate Calendar by following the instructions in This Guide  
Step: #2 - Add the Calendar to BusyCal

Open BusyCal and go to the BusyCal Menu and click on Preferences.
After this click on the Accounts tab.

Busycal 1
Click on the + symbol under the left hand account list then choose CalDav as the server type.

Enter your WebMate email address 
and password and put into the Server Address box.

BusyCal should then add your account and its ready for use.

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