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Below you will find FAQ's about WebMate Emails.

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Q1. What will my email address be?
You get an email address with all WebMate packages which is yourwebmateusername@webmate.me.

With WebMate Pro you get 3 email addresses one of which is your WebMate email address and a further 2 more either @webmate.me or @yourdomain.com.

With WebMate WebBuilder or WebMate Drive - you will have an email address with @webmate.me.

Q2. What is the minimum mailbox size in WebMate?
WebMate currently has a minimum mailbox size of 1GB, and have a maximum size of 10GB.
Q3. What is Webmail and how do I access it?

You can access your WebMate Webmail service from any computer using any browser, anywhere.

Simply log in by typing webmail.webmate.me into your browsers address bar and adding the full email address and password for the account you wish to view.

You can send, edit and delete just as in any normal mail client. You can also adjust Spam filtering, Passwords and much more.

Q4. How do I add another email address to my WebMate account?

You can easily add additional email addresses to your WebMate account by logging into your WebMate Control panel.

Simply type ‘username.webmate.me/control‘ into your browser’s address bar and enter your password.

For a detailed walkthrough of how to add an email address click here.
Q5. Will my iPhone and Mac be in sync?

Yes, just select IMAP on all of your devices when setting up your mail and your mail will be perfectly in sync across all devices. It’s important to never mix POP and IMAP.

Q6. What to do if you forget your WebMate password.

Firstly check your welcome email, if you have not changed your password since setting up your account then use this.

If you can’t find the welcome email then contact support@mebmate.me from the email address you signed up with and we can reset it for you.

Alternatively, you can call our support department, answer a few security questions and we can reset it for you over the phone.
Q7. I have not received an email I was expecting, what should I do?

It's probably been caught by the Spam filter.

Log into WebMail and then check the Spam Held folder, our servers filter the email before its downloaded by your email client.

Q8. How do I allocate more space to an email account?

Log in to WebMate control and click on the Email Tab.

Locate the email account that you would like to alter and click the edit link to the right-hand side.
Q9. Can I use WebMate emails for my business?

Certainly, in fact, thousands of companies around the world do.

We’ve been providing special Mac email services for over 20 years now and can confidently say we run one of the most reliable and fastest mail systems on Earth!

Q10. Why can't I send emails via Apple Mail?

It's more than likely because your outgoing mail server (SMTP) settings are wrong.

Outgoing server name (SMTP): smtp.webmate.me

Use custom port: 465

'Use SSL' should be ticked.

Authentication: Password

Username: Full WebMate email address

Password: Email account passw

If you're still having issues after setting the above in Apple Mail, then please contact our Support team.

Q12. How do I use Calendars?
Log in to your WebMate email account via https://mail.webmate.me

Click on the Calendar Tab (bottom left)

Click on Configure to add a new calendar

Double click to add a new event.
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