Configuring your WebMate Email

Quick Overview...

We’ve created setup guide to help you set up your Mac email client (the program which handles mail).
If you need more help, we’ve compiled step-by-step guides to some of the more popular email clients.
Simply click one of the images to the right and you'll be directed to the relevant guide.

If you are familiar with how your mail client works all the settings you need are listed below.
These settings will be the same on any device you are setting up.

Detailed Instructions...
Apple Mail image Entourage image ios image
OutLook image Thunderbird image Configure Android Mail
Configuring your Email Client

Incoming Mail


Outgoing Mail

POP/IMAP Server: SMTP Server:
POP/IMAP Username: your full email address SMTP Username: your full email address
POP/IMAP Password: your email password SMTP Password: your email password
Server Port:

995(POP3) or 993 (IMAP)

Server Port: 465

info image When you set the Account Type to IMAP or POP, the Default ports given by the email software will be fine.
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