Configuring Mail on an iPhone (iOS 10 and below)

To set up your WebMate email address on your iPhone simply go to Passwords & Accounts (or Mail, Contacts and Calendars on older iOS versions) that can be found in Settings and add an Email Account.

Proceed by filling in the onscreen prompts. Remember to included the correct SMTP outgoing and incoming server settings and your full email address. Follow the guide below to ensure everything gets set perfectly.

Step 1: Mail

Go to your Settings on your iPhone

Proceed by going to Passwords and Accounts.

On older iOS devices it may say
Mail, Contacts and Calendars.

Step 2: Add Account
Go to Accounts then click Add Account mail image
Step 3: Other
You will be offered a list of account types.

Choose Other

Step 4: Add Mail Account
Click Add Mail Account
Step 5: Account Details
Add your new email account details.

Name Your name as you'd like it to appear in emails.
Email Your full email address
Password Your email account password.
Your domain name or a word to describe this account.
Step 6: Account Type and Server Settings

info icon POP or IMAP ?
  We recommend using Account Type IMAP as this will sync across all of your devices, you'll be able to add this email account to as many devices as you like.
  If you know that you will only accessing this email account through this one computer you can choose POP.

Incoming Mail Server
User Name Your full email address
Password Your email Password

Outgoing Mail Server
Username Your full email address
Password Your email Password

Once you have entered the above details, click onto Next and your settings will verify.

Step 7: Save

Once the account has been verified, click Save. 

That's it! You have now added your WebMate email address to your iPhone.

Add account image
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