Using Apple Mail to Archive email to your computer

If your mail box is getting full but you want to keep past emails, we’ve created guide to help you create an archive folder and store historic mail in Apple Mail.

Summary: To store email in Apple Mail, simply create a new folder using the location On My Mac then drag & drop the mails into this folder.
Step 1: Add New Folder
Archive mail Mail stored in this way can only be accessible from that computer unless the mail is copied to additional computers.

Go to Mailbox and choose New Mailbox from the menu.
Archive mail
Step 2: Select New Mail Box
A new window will appear, from the location menu select On My Mac. Archive mail
Step 3: Give the folder a name
Give the new folder a name.

 Archive mail
Step 4: Your new folder

Your new folder will appear in the left hand pane under the mailboxes, it will have the heading On My Mac.

Archive mail
Step 5: Drag & Drop email

To Archive the emails, drag and drop them from your Inbox (or any other folders containing mail) to the new folder located under the On My Mac heading.

The emails will be moved from the server to your computer.

Archive mail You can follow this same procedure with any other folders.
If you have a lot of mail to archive and organise, you can also add sub-folders to the new folder.


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