Using Outlook 2011 to Archive email to your computer

Using Outlook 2011 to Archive email to your computer

Sometimes you may want to keep email just on your computer and not on our servers, or you may run out of space in your email account and need to delete email, the trouble is where do you put it.
To store email offline in Outlook, simply create a new folder on your Computer and drag & drop the mail into this folder
Outlook image
Step 1:

Click on, On My Computer.

Then click New.
Select Folder from the drop down list.
This will create a folder on your computer. 
OutLook image
Step 2: 
Your new folder will appear in the left-hand pane under the heading On My Computer.

Give the folder a meaningful name.
 Outgoing mail settings
Step 3:
Your new folder will then be in the left-hand pane with the name you gave it Outlook image 
Step 4:

Drag and drop your older emails from your inbox (or other folders) to this new folder. They will be copied from the server onto your computer.

Once you have verified that the mail is in your Archived Mail folder then it can be from your inbox.

info icon You can do the same for the Sent Messages.
Click on your Sent Items and select your email account.

Select the mail that you wish to archive. 

Drag and drop it to the On My Computer Folder located under Sent Items


 Outlook image
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