How Email Works

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We’ve created setup guide to help you setup your Apple Mail email client with WebMate hosted email.

Click here for the general WebMate mail settings for all email clients
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Step 1: How does email work?

When you send an email a connection is made between your email client (Apple mail) and the mail server (

Then your mail client authenticates with the mail server using your email username and password.
The email then enters the receipt stage, there a few checks to see if the email was sent completely with no errors and if the email destination is local or not.

If the email destination is local it will go into the WebMate email queue then it gets delivered to the recipient.
If the email destination is not local the system carries out a DNS lookup for MX records (Mail eXchange records) on the internet.
When the recipients ISP is found, a connection is made to their mail server with the highest possible security and the email is then passed on to the recipient's mailbox.

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