Cloud FAQ's


Below are frequently asked questions regarding 'The Cloud' and WebMate's use's and functionality.

What is the cloud?

In short, the Cloud is a network of computer servers that can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Examples of cloud use are… Online storage, Social Media sites, Online Backing and Websites etc.

I have deleted a file by mistake. What can I do?

Unfortunately, if you have accidentally deleted a file from your WebMate cloud storage it will be removed permanently from our servers.

It is important with any web hosting/cloud service to keep your own local backups in case of such an event.

Can I upload movies to WebMate?

Yes. You can certainly upload movies to your WebMate Cloud storage. Your uploads may take a little time depending on your Broadband connection and size of your file.

How can I increase my Cloud Storage Space?

Simply log into your WebMate Control panel an select the upgrade button at the top right of your window.

Select the ‘Increase Space‘ option and choose the amount you would like to upgrade to.

Click ‘Confirm & Pay‘ and you're done.

You can always view the current amount of space available on your WebMate account at the bottom left of your Control Panel window.

How long will it take to upload my files?

There are many variables that will determine the speed of transferring files to and from your WebMate Storage. Most importantly will be your Broadband/Fibre connection speed.

You can use a number of different online testers such as to establish your current upload & download values. 

Here are some examples of expected transfer times for varying file sizes at different connection speeds -

100mb file

@0.64 Mbps – 3hrs 38mins 27secs

@1.5 Mbps – 0hrs 9mins 03secs

@45 Mbps – 0hrs 0mins 18secs


1GB File

@0.64 Mbps – 36hrs 24mins 32secs

@1.5 Mbps – 1hrs 30mins 33secs

@45 Mbps – 0hrs 3mins 7secs


10GB File

@0.64 Mbps – 372hrs 49mins 37secs

@1.5 Mbps – 15hrs 27mins 14secs

@45 Mbps – 0hrs 32mins 0sec

How much Cloud Storage do I have and can I upgrade it?

Your WebMate Cloud Storage account is configurable up to 2TB (Terabytes).

You can upgrade by logging into your WebMate Control and selecting the ‘Upgrade’ button at the top right of your Control window.

Without additional quota our packages storage are -

• WebMate WebBuilder includes 10GB

• WebMate Drive includes 100GB

• WebMate Pro includes 110GB

Why don't folders show file sizes?

Folders don’t currently show file sizes because it can take system recourses to produce them which would slow down WebMate when navigating between pages. We feel these recourses are better spent on making things faster to improve your experience with WebMate.

Can I use WebMate as a shared cloud disk?

Yes, if you have lots of people that need to share a cloud drive – they’ll just need the login details and can all mount and use WebMate. You can also assign an upload password and anyone that you give this password to will be able to upload files directly to your WebMate inbox without having access to any of your other information.

Can I work on my WebMate cloud?

Yes, although it depends on your internet connection speed really. Small Word and Excel files work fine, larger files are best for a faster connection. 5Mbps+ down and 2Mbps up or higher is fine for working off your WebMate.

Can I upload my website to the WebMate disk?

Yes, if you have an older version of iWeb or uploading via an FTP application you will need to publish to a folder on your computer, then upload the site files to the web.

Open the mounted WebMate disk, open the web folder then open the folder, drag the contents of the folder that you published the website to, into the folder.

Where do I download the WebMate launcher?

You can download the WebMate launcher from within your WebMate Control. From within your WebMate Control, select Launcher on the top right and then the version for your Operating System.

How do I allow other people to upload to my WebMate account?

This feature needs to be enabled in WebMate control, once logged in click the Action button and select Set Upload Password, add a password and click Set Password. you can now give this password to your friends or colleagues.

They will need to go to your  via the web browser and click the upload button.

Where do my Public uploaded files go?

If you have allowed someone to upload files to your WebMate, the uploaded files will be uploaded to a folder called Inbox.

The inbox folder is located on the first page after logging in to WebMate control, next to your Gallery, Public & web folders.

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