Configure Email notifacations in WebMate Control

Configure Email notifications in WebMate Control

You can choose where WebMate email notifications go via the Account Preferences in WebMate Control. 

More in-depth details on how to do so below:

Step: #1 - Log into WebMate Control

Using your web browser Login to WebMate Control -

Note: 'username' is an example, replace this with your WebMate username, for example:

Screen shot of WebMate Control Login page
Step: #2 - Select Account Preferences on the left-hand side

Go to Account Preferences in the left menu

Step: #3 - Click on to Notifications

Then click on to Notifications in the main panel.

Step: #4 - Notifications
Here you can choose which email address notifications go to, you can also turn notifications on & off for Sharing & Uploads

Notifications Email
The email address that you add here is where you get WebMate notifications.

Upload Notifications
With this enabled you will receive a notification when a file is uploaded.

Sharing Notifications
With this enabled you will receive a notification when a file is shared.

  • Account Preferences, notifications
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