Mount your WebMate Drive on Windows 7

Mount WebMate disk Windows 7

You will need to use the Map Network Drive feature on Windows. You can then enter your WebMate details to connect to your WebMate Drive.

Step: #1 Navigate to Map Network Drive

Win 7 Mount 1Go to the windows Start button (bottom left of your screen)
& select Computer. 

On the window that opens click Map Network Drive.

Step: #2 Connecting

Win 7 Mount 2

On the next window click the text link – “connect to a website that….

Win 7 Mount 3

Click Next

Win 7 Mount 4

Click Next

Step: #3 WebMate URL

Win 7 Mount 5

Where it says “Internet or network address” add your WebMate address.

Click Next

Step: #4 Enter WebMate details

Win 7 Mount 6

On the next screen you will be asked for your

WebMate username and the password for that account.

Fill in the details & Click OK.

Win 7 Mount 7

If you want the network drive name to be different than the WebMate

address you can change the name for it here. 

Win 7 Mount 8

On the next screen, click Finish and you’re d

Win 7 Mount 9To access the Mounted WebMate disk you can go to Start then

Computer and you will see the mounted drive under the

Network Location heading.Double click it to open the drive and
view your files stored on WebMate.

You can drag the new WebMate folder on to your desktop to create a shortcut to it.

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