Affiliate FAQ's

Below you will find commonly asked questions from customers regarding our Affiliate Partner Program. - We have provided the answer to these below for you:

How do I become an affiliate partner?
From within your WebMate Billing Area - select Affiliates from the menu bar, then select Activate Affiliate Account - this will turn your account into an affiliate account. 
 How do I find my referral link?
Within the Affiliates area - your Referral link will appear within the middle of the screen - this link will be unique to you, and when used will show on your statistics.  
What ways can I get paid?

Get paid in Credit or PayPal

You can get paid in credit on your account with us - so you could pay for your broadband via commission, or via PayPal so that the money goes directly to you, or the best of all - Apple kit! - earn commission for money off your new MacBook Pro or iPad!

Where places on the web can I earn commission from?
There are many ways to earn commission on the web - A few examples have been provided below:

Email - Simply email your contacts your special link code - and earn commission - you can even add the link to your signature!

Social Media - Share our posts or our pages with your affiliate link - earn commission towards that new iPad!

Forums - Recommend us on forums and provide your affiliate link to our site and sit back and relax while the commission comes in!

Your Website/Blog: Add us to your links page, or maybe write a short review and include the provided banners which use your affiliate link!

How long does it take before I get my kickback (Payout Point)?
This will depend on the service which has been purchased - A list has been provided below:

Hosting and email: 60 days after the service is paid.
MacMate: 60 days after the service is paid.
Broadband and Telecoms: On completion of order
Domains: Immediately.
How do I find out how many clicks there been on my banners?
Simply visit your affiliate area - this will appear to you on the main affiliate page for you - this is updated in real time, so it will show you an accurate number for you.  
I have a question, but I am not able to find an answer here?
We will be glad to help! - simply give us a call or send us an email and we will be glad to assist!

Phone (UK):01208 220010
Phone (US): 347-602-4336


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