Delete & re-create the outgoing mail server in Apple Mail (OS X Sierra)

Quick Overview...

Go to Mail, Preferences and the select the email account in question. Go to Server Settings, Edit SMTP Server List and proceed by removing and recreating the outgoing mail server.

Detailed Instructions...

Step 1: Go to Mail Preferences
Open Apple Mail.

Click on to Mail (top left of screen).

Choose Preferences from the menu.
Step 2: Locate the Outgoing Server
Click on to Accounts.

Select the account that requires attention from the white panel on the left.

Select Server Settings (on the right of Mailbox Behaviours)
Step 3: Server Settings
To get to the Outgoing Mail Server list click on the button that can be found next to Account (Just under Outgoing Mail Server) and the go to Edit SMTP Server List.

Step 4: Delete the old SMTP (outgoing) server
Before you delete the outgoing server, make sure the highlighted line in the white panel does reference the account that needs adjusting.

To remove the outgoing server for this account click on to the minus sign (bottom left of the white panel.)

Step 5: Add a new SMTP (outgoing) server
To create a new outgoing server for this account click on to the plus sign (bottom left of the white panel.)

Step 6: Account Information
In the Server Settings ensure that the information below has been entered.

Description: This can be anything you like

User Name
: Your Full Email Address
Password: Your Email Account Password

Host Name:

Port: 465

Ensure Use TLS/SSL is ticked

Authentication: Password

Finally select OK and then you're done.

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