Configuring WebMate email on Windows 10 Mail

Quick Overview...
Open Windows Mail and click on the Gear Icon on the bottom left and add your new Mail Account. Make sure the incoming and outgoing server information is correct.

Detailed Instructions...

Step 1: Open Mail and add a New Account
Open the Mail Program by clicking or tapping on its tile on the
start menu. Then click/tap the Gear Icon (bottom left) to get to the settings menu.

Continue by selecting Manage Accounts

Image 1
Step 2: Add Account
Now click/tap on Add Account. Add
Step 3: Choose an Account Type
On the Choose an Account menu click/tap on Advanced Setup,
depending on your screen resolution you may need to scroll down
before you can see it.

Proceed by selecting Internet E-Mail from the Account Types.
Image 5
Step 4: Configure Your New Account
Give the account a name and add your name in the appropriate box.
Put as the incoming e-mail server and select
IMAP4 as the Account type. Now scroll down to bring up the rest
of the options.

Image 6
Step 5: Configure Your New Account
Enter your full e-mail address in the Username box and the
account password in the Password box.

Enter as the Outgoing (SMTP) server.

Account Bottom
Step 6: Configure Your New Account
Make sure the boxes in the image are ticked then
click on Sign In.

Then you're done !

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