How to change your Mail password on your iPhone/iPad

Quick Overview...
To change the mail password on your iPhone/iPad, in the Account settings found under Passwords and Accounts, change the password that is set in the incoming and outgoing (SMTP) mail server settings. Once changed and applied, you will be able to use your mail account again.

Detailed Instructions...

Step 1: Select Passwords and Accounts from Settings
On your iPhone/iPad, select Settings from the App screen, then select Passwords and Accounts. Screen Shot of Settings - iPhone
Step 2: Select Your Account
From this window, select your email account. Screen Shot of Settings - iPhone
Step 3: Select Your Account
Select the account again.
iphone SSL
Step 4: Incoming password
Update the password in the incoming mail server settings.

Once done, click onto SMTP.

iphone SSL
Step 5: Primary Server

Proceed by going into the Primary Server settings.

iphone SSL
Step 6: Outgoing password.
In the outgoing mail server, update the password and click Done.

Proceed by clicking Account and then Done once again.

That's it! you've now changed your email address password on your iPhone/iPad. 
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