Add an additional account to WebMail


Quick Overview...

We’ve created a setup guide to help you add an additional email account to webmail.

This will allow you switch to different accounts within the same WebMail window.

Login to and go to  Options  /  Additional Accounts  /  Add as Account  add your Name. Email Address and Password

Note: all of the email accounts must be hosted by WebMate.

Note: to see and use the additional accounts that you've added, you must always login to webmail using the Primary / Base account address and password.


Detailed Instructions...


  Step 1: Login to webmail with your Primary / Base account
Login to with the Base/Primary email address and the password for that email account.
  Step 2: Additional Accounts
Go to the Options menu (top right) and choose Additional Accounts
  Step 3: Add as account

This page shows all of the email accounts that would be added to the primary account.

Choose Add as Account

  Step 4: Add Name & Email Address

Add your Name as you'd like it to appear in emails.

Add your email address and click Next

  Step 5: Add password & Verify
Add your email address password and click Verify
  Step 5: Successfully Verified

When successfully verified you can click Close to close the setup window.

  Step 5: All Done!

You will then see the additional email accounts list including your newly added mailbox. 


To return to the normal WebMail window, you can click Done or refresh the web page.


That's it! Your additional email account has been added.

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