How to restore your website via WebMate Control

Quick Overview...

To restore your website in WebMate Control, go to the Website tab and click onto your website, then click onto Restore Site.

Choose a restore point (SnapShot) from the list and then click the blue Restore button.

Detailed instructions...
Step: #1 Logging into WebMate Control

First, you will need to log into WebMate Control using your WebMate username and your Billing password.


Step: #2 Locate your website settings

Once you're logged into WebMate Control, go to the Websites tab and then click onto the Settings icon above your domain.

Step: #3 Select Restore

From here, you can click Restore Site

The server will then create a new backup for your website.


Step: #4 Restore Site

Choose a Snapshot from the list and click Restore

The server will then start to Restore your website to the chosen point in time.






The restore may take a while depending on the size of the website.

You'll get a notification in WebMate Control and by email once the restore is complete.

You should wait 30 mins for the new files to show up.

If you have Qfast hosting you may need to clear your cache before you can see the change on-line.

The cache can also be cleared via WebMate Control.

You can also create a restore point here Create a new restore point



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