Change DNS servers on your Mac

Quick Overview...
We’ve created setup guide to help you setup the DNS servers on your Mac.
This guide will show you how to setup WebMate's and Google's open DNS on your computer.

WebMate's Public DNS Servers are the following: &

Google's Public DNS operates recursive name servers for public use at the following IP addresses: and for IPv4 service.

Detailed Instructions...
Step 1: Open your Network Preferences

Click on to the Apple icon (top left of your screen.)
Choose System Preferences.
Select Network

Step 2: Select the Connectivity
Choose the connectivity that you use from the white panel on the left.

info icon The one to choose will normally have a green light next to it,
Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Then click Advanced.
Step 3: DNS
Select the DNS tab.

Step 4: Add in the DNS Servers
To remove existing DNS entries, select the row you need to remove.
Click the "-" symbol (bottom left of the DNS Servers panel.)

info icon You may find a local number in there which can not be deleted like
This will be removed when you add the new ones.

To add
WebMate's public DNS servers, click on to the "+" symbol
(bottom left of the DNS Servers panel).


Select the "+" button


Select the "+" button (These are Google's public DNS servers)


Select the "+" button


Click OK
Click Apply on the remaining Network window.
Close the Network window.
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