Create an email account using WebMate Control

Quick Overview...

You can create email addresses via WebMate Control as soon as you've signed up. 
If you have pointed your domains MX records to WebMate and verified ownership, you will be able to select your domain and create email accounts there too.

Once created you will be able to access the mailbox via 
You will also be able to setup the email account in your email client too.

Detailed Instructions...

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Step 1: Login to WebMate Control

Login to WebMate Control by going to

Once you're logged in click onto the Email tab. 

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Step 2: Add New Email Account

Once you're in the Email tab, click onto Add New Email.

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Step 3: Email Address Details

Add the name you'd like to use for the mailbox.

Select the domain name.

Add the password twice to confirm it.

Click Next.

info icon If you don't have a domain name you can still create email addresses (provided the username is available).

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Step 4: Payment Method

You can then choose your preferred payment method. Once paid, the account will be set up ready for you to use.

Depending on your package, there may not be an additional cost for the account set up. You will not be asked for payment if the email address is included in your package.

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