Changing Gallery Settings

Quick Overview...

Within your WebMate Control, click the Gallery options button to the right of the Gallery that you want to change.

These controls are available for all sub-folders within the main Gallery folder too.

Detailed instructions...
Step: #1 Locate the 'Gallery' folder within WebMate Control
First of all, log into WebMate Control and locate your gallery folder within the Storage section and proceed by entering the folder.

Step: #2 Select the 'Gallery Options' icon
Now click on the 3 dots to the right of the gallery folder and select the Gallery icon (icon with 2 photos).
Step: #3 Changing the settings
From here you can make changes to the Theme of your gallery, add Gallery Titles, descriptions and change the download options.

Title: Give each of your Galleries & images a name.
Description: You can add a brief description to describe the scene.

Display Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs allows you to keep track of your location within WebMate, they provide links back to each previous page you visited.

Download Options:
Original Image You can allow images to be downloaded at their original size

Smaller Image You can allow images to be downloaded at a smaller size

Don’t allow downloads You can set your images so that they can not be downloaded

Theme Options: You can adjust the look and feel of your Galleries by selecting different Themes. More themes coming soon!

Step: #4 Save and close
When you have changed the Title, the Theme and given your Gallery a description just click Save Settings at the bottom and you're done!

These controls are available for all Galleries within the main Gallery folder too.

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