WebMate FAQ's


Below you will find commonly asked questions from customers regarding WebMate. - We have provided the answer to these below for you:

What will my URL be?
It’s best to have your own domain, which will make your site and email look more professional, or more personalized.

If not, your URL will be based on your username: http://www.webmate.me/username or http://username.webmate.me – whichever you prefer.
What will my email address be?
You get 1 email address with the WebMate WebBuilder and WebMate Drive packages which is yourwebmateusername@webmate.me.

With WebMate Pro you get 6 email addresses one of which is your WebMate email address and a further 5 more either @webmate.me of @yourdomain.com.
Can I work on my WebMate cloud?

Yes, although it depends on your internet connection speed really. Small Word and Excel files work fine, larger files are best for a faster connection.

Our servers have several Gbps of connectivity so will keep up with your speeds. 5Mbps+ down  and 2Mbps up is fine for working off.

What is the fastest way to upload and download?
The WebMate system uses standard WebDAV and AFP protocols for uploading and downloading.

AFP is much faster than WebDAV however it is not a secure transfer protocol, unlike WebDAV.

Is my data secure?
Much more secure than most other places, we make every effort to ensure security is the very highest wherever possible.

The password to access your disk and our master password is the only way to access your disk space – and that’s never stored in plain text and impossible to crack or recover.

It’s not safe enough to store credit card details or other sensitive information via the cloud and is not recommended.
Can I share my torrented files etc?
Not at all, we do not permit sharing of any torrents or copyrighted material and will ban anyone doing so.

The disk is not a service for file-sharing on a mass scale. It’s for you to share photos and files with your friends and family.

This very strict policy protects the service for everyone else and will be enforced rigorously.
I'm having issues uploading my website!
Make sure the server address is your WebMate URL e.g. yourusername.webmate.me, also make sure theDirectory/Path is set to /websites/username.macmate.me/web  (/websites/domainname.com/web for any additional sites).
Where can I find my FTP Details?
Your FTP details would have been sent to you in your Welcome Email - If you have lost/not received this email, please contact us.
What do you do if you forget your WebMate password?

Firstly check your welcome email, if you have not changed your password since setting up your account then use this.

If you can’t find the welcome email then contact support@webmate.me from the email address you signed up with and we can reset it for you.  Alternatively, you can call our support department, answer a few security questions and we can reset it for you over the phone.

Can I use WebMate as a shared cloud disk?
Yes, if you have lots of people that need to share a cloud drive – they’ll just need the login details and can all mount and use WebMate.

You can also assign an upload password and anyone that you give this password to will be able to upload files directly to your WebMate inbox without having access to any of your other information.
Can I keep my Mac's data synchronised with WebMate?
Yes, you can use any backup or sync program – we like Goodsync particularly as this has many options for backup, sync, schedules etc.
Which Protocol is better?
AFP, FTP and SFTP are all very fast – WebDav should be avoided if possible as it’s very slow on Macs particularly and can be problematic with renames, moves etc.
What Protocols do you support?
We’ve made WebMate Disk versatile so you can use it with virtually all software, OS’s and devices.

We use standard protocols like AFP (Apple Filesharing Protocol), WebDav, FTP and SFTP – just use your username.webmate.me as the server name and append the protocol for viewing on a Mac (eg afp://username.webmate.me).
How do I access my WebMate Control?
You are able to access your WebMate Control by going to http://yourwebmateusername.webmate.me - using your WebMate username.
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