Publish and view your QuadraHost web files using CyberDuck & FTP


Quick Overview...

Use your FTP details to publish your website and access your web space, you will need your FTP details supplied by WebMate.

Detailed Instructions...
Step 1: Connect using FTP
Open Cyberduck then click Open Connection then fill out the form with the details listed below.

Protocol: is set to FTP

Server: your domain name including the TLD

Port: set this to 21

Username: your domain name without the TLD

Password: the password that came with your FTP details

Click connect.

CyberDuck will connect to the Server and you will see the files in your web space.

From here you can download files by dragging and dropping to your desktop or a specified folder. You can also upload your files in the same way.

info icon There is another free program called Cyberduck which can be used in much the same way as FileZilla.
MacAce has a support page here for this program

info icon Please note that when uploading files to your webspace, the content for your website must go in to the web folder.

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