Publish your website using early iWeb and an FTP program

If you are using an early version of iWeb, the option to use FTP will not be available, you will need to publish to a local folder on your computer then you will need to use some software like Cyberduck or FileZilla to access your web space and upload the site files via FTP. (File Transport Protocol)

Step 1: Publish to a Local folder
Create a folder on your desktop.

The name of the folder is irrelevant as only the contents of the folder need to be transferred to the server - not the folder itself.

Then from within iWeb, Publish your website to the folder on your desktop.

In the site publishing settings there will be 2 options in the Publish to: drop down menu, MobileMe & Local folder, select Local folder.

Where it says Location: click Choose and select the folder you created on the desktop.

Go to the File menu and choose Publish Entire Site.

Once the files are published to the folder on your desktop you will need to upload them using your FTP program.
There are lots of FTP programs available and you can use any of them, we recommend Cyberduck or FileZilla (they are both free), WebMate has help files to help you use both of these programs.
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