Publish your website using Dreamweaver for WebMate Pro

When you have created your website in Dreamweaver, you will need to publish the website to your web space.

Dreamweaver will use FTP to upload files to your web space.

Step 1: Publish using Dreamweaver
Go to Site (top of screen) and click Manage sites.

Click on your site name in the list and select Edit, from here you can define your site i.e. change the site name and input the http://address of your web site.

Click the link Create an FTP server connection and fill out the form with the FTP details that MacAce sent you.

Name:                    Website Name
Access type:          FTP
FTP Host:              The full domain name
Host Directory:      /web
Login:                    The domain name without the TLD (no .com etc.)
Password:             Your FTP password
Use Passive FTP: Use this if you are having trouble connecting
URL Prefix:            Your full domain name

To View more detailed information on how to use Dreamweaver please go to
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