Add Hosting for a second website (Multi-Site)

Quick Overview...

You can create multiple sites on WebMate each with their own domain name. When you're logged in, go to the Hosting tab and select Add New Site, you can then fill in the new website details.

Detailed instructions...
Step: #1 Log into WebMate Control
Login to WebMate Control. Once done, click the Hosting tab and then click on Add New Site.

Step: #2 Select Domain 
Select Use Exisiting Domain If you already have a domain name managed by WebMate, you can select this domain from the 
Choose from existing domains list. 

Select Add new domain if you need a domain name for your extra website, you can check the domain name availability and register it
from here.

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 To point your domain name from another host we recommend using a CNAME redirect e.g.
 This can usually be completed at your current domain   registrars control panel.

Step: #3 Locating your new site
Once you have purchased your new site, it will then be listed in the
hosting section of WebMate Control. 

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 When you publish your extra website please make sure the   path in your FTP settings has your domain name after the   word websites e.g. /websites/
 (please include the forward slashes too)
 This will ensure the new website files go to the correct site   folder.

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