Register a new domain name

Quick Overview...

Log in to WebMate Billing with your registered email address & password.
Go to Domains in the menu and select Register a New Domain.

Detailed instructions...
Step: #1 Login to WebMate Billing

Log directly into WebMate billing using this address

Once you have logged in, click the Domains link in the menu and choose to Register a New Domain.

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You can also register a new domain name via WebMate control.
Click on to the Hosting tab in WebMate control & click the ” + ” symbol next to Domains.

Step: #2 Check Availability
Type in the domain you wish to register, then choose the TLD (Top Level Domain) that you need by clicking on to the drop-down menu, .com,, .net etc.

Then click Check Availability.
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TLD means Top Level Domain, this is the extension that is used after the name that you have chosen.
e.g. .com .net .org

Step: #3 Domain Configuration

Here we configuration the DNS (Domain Name System) for the domain name, in other words, we set up the domain name to point to WebMate by changing the name Servers. 

To point the domain name to WebMate the name Servers need to
be as follows…


You also have the option to add ID Protection, this will hide your personal information fro websites such as

When you’re done click Continue.

Step: #4 Review & Checkout
Take a moment to review your details. Please check the domain name for typos, as domain name registrations are non-refundable. 

You have the opportunity to add different registrant details to the ones on your account.

If you have a valid Promotional Code, you can enter this in the Promotional Code text box. 

You can also add Notes or Additional Information if required to add to your order.

Finally, choose the Payment method that you would like to use, then click Complete Order.
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