How to transfer your domain name to WebMate

Quick Overview...

How to transfer your domain name.

Login to your Billing portal, go to Domains in the menu and choose Transfer Domains to Us.

Detailed instructions...
Step 1: Domains
Once you have logged in to Billing, click the Domains link in the menu and choose Transfer Domains to Us.
Step 2: Transfer your domain name
Type in the domain you wish to transfer, then choose the TLD (Top Level Domain) that you need by clicking on to the drop-down menu, the TLD would be .com,, .net etc.

Then click Check Availability.

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Your domain name may be in a locked state, for the domain to transfer to our system it will need to be unlocked to allow the transfer to complete. This can normally be done at the losing registrar's control panel.

Step 3: Check Availability
The system will check the domain name's availability and if it can be transferred to us.

Click Continue.

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Domains ending with .uk are free to transfer.
All other domain transfers are chargeable at the price of a one-year renewal, this does extend the expiry date of the domain for another year.

Step 4: Domain Configuration
Depending on which domain TLD you choose, you'll need to enter some additional registration details and select any domain Add-ons.

You can also change the Name Servers here too - you only need to change these if you'll not be using your domain with WebMate services - otherwise leave as:

When you’re done click Update Cart.
Step 5: Review and Checkout
Take a moment to review your details and click Complete Order when you are ready

Finally, choose the Payment method that you would like to use, then click Complete Order.

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Domains ending with .uk take can take as little as two hours to transfer and can be completed by changing the registrar TAG at the losing registrars' control panel.
To transfer a domain name to WebMate the TAG needs to be changed to MACACE.
All other domain transfers require an Auth code (also known as an EPP code)

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You also have the opportunity to add different registrant details to the ones on your account.
You can also add Notes or Additional Information if required to add to your order.

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