Verify your domain in WebMate Control

Quick Overview...

Once you have added an external domain you will receive an email with a TXT record.
Apply this to your registrars domain control panel, then click verify in WebMate Control - you’ll then be able to use that domain for email and hosting.

Example: IN TXT “webmate-domain-verification=3c1vrt26n7mtynrteh4547346ehrym"

Detailed instructions...

Step 1: Add Domain
When you add an external domain in WebMate Control, you’ll get an email with instructions to add a TXT record to your domain.

info icon image Domains registered or transferred to us do not need verification.

Email image
Step 2: Setup TXT record
Add the TXT record to your registrar's domain Control Panel.

These vary on exactly how to do it, but here are some guides to help with some popular domain registrars (check with their support sites to be sure though).

info icon image Where it says This needs to show your domain name.

domains image

Hostname Type Destination TXT/SPF WebMate-domain-verification=7ef12324066f244eugfv5yj
Step 3: Verify
In WebMate Control click Verify Domain.
This will remove the exclamation that appears in the domains list and verify the domain.

You can now use the domain for email and hosting, any problems, contact support.

domains image
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