WebMate Billing FAQ's


Below you will find commonly asked questions from customers regarding billing. - We have provided the answer to these below for you:

 I have forgotten my WebMate billing login details...
Login to WebMate Billing and enter your email address and password you registered with us into the Email Address and Password boxes.

If you are unsure what your password is currently set to, click “Forgot password”, this will send you a link your email address to allow you to reset the password to one of your choice.
 How can I pay my WebMate invoice?

You are able to pay for your invoice via multiple methods:

Direct Debit
Credit/Debit Card


More Detailed instructions can be found Here

 Can I view my WebMate invoices online?

Yes, you will be able to view, download and print all invoices anytime. You will need to log in with your registered email address at WebMate Billing.

Your invoice will be ready to view online as soon as it is generated.

 How do I cancel my Direct Debit?
If you have a Direct Debit with us and wish to cancel, email our accounts team accounts@webmate.me or call us on 01208 220013 and we can cancel the Direct Debit from our end.
 WebMate Billing Contact Details
Our accounts team at WebMate are available Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm, we can be contacted on 01208 220013 or send us an email to accounts@webmate.me
 My payment has failed, what do I do next?
If you have been notified of a failed payment, you will need to either log in to your client area or contact us to update your payment information to ensure they are up to date.
 My account has been suspended, what do I do next?
If you have received an email to notify you that you account has been suspended, please call us on 01208 220013 as soon as possible.
 How can I update my billing details?

If you need to update your billing details, you can do so by logging in to your billing portal WebMate Billing Portal.

Once you are logged in, you will see a green button on the left hand side for "update". This will take you to a new window in which you can update all of your details.

Alternatively, you can email accounts@webmate.me with the details you wish to change. Please include your account number (this can be found at the top right of your invoices).

 How do I cancel my account?
If you wish to cancel your WebMate account, please send us written confirmation to accounts@webmate.me.

Please note that we require 30 days notice for cancellation. There may also be a cancellation fee for certain services. This will be confirmed once we receive your cancellation notice.
 How do I access my itemised call logs?
You can access your itemised call logs from the online billing portal.

Please click here for a step by step guide.
 I am moving house, what do I do next?
If you are moving house and would like to keep your WebMate services, please send us an email to accounts@webmate.me with all the details regarding the move.
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