Access your Call Logs

Quick Overview...

How to access your OneVoice phone call logs:

In your billing portal, select your voice service, click Call Charges and then enter the invoice number for the relevant month into the Itemised Call Charges area.

Detailed instructions...

Section 1: My Services
Login to WebMate Billing

Click on My Services in the main menu.
my-services image
Section 2: Select your OneVoice package
Click your OneVoice/SIP Trunk service from the list.
view services image  
Section 3: Generate Call List
From this window, select Call Charges and a new area will appear.

In the section called Itemised Call Charges Enter the Invoice Number of the phone package that you need the Call logs for.

You can then select Download PDF or View in Browser then click Generate.

If View in Browser is selected, your Call List will be displayed as a PDF within your web browser.

If Download PDF is selected, the PDF file will be downloaded to your computer.
search invoice number image
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